Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

Jakiyah is a free open access journal focusing on publishing high quality research articles relevant to medical, biomedical and health science especially in midwifery and health. Relevant academic articles analyzed from an integrated perspective including individual and population level, experimental and clinical approaches, epidemiology, public health, disease prevention and health promotion, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and palliative care are welcome. This journal publishes original articles, reviews article, and also interesting case reports. Subjects suitable for publication include, but are not limited to the following fields of: Midwifery, Woman's Health, Herbal Medicine, Public Health, Medical Education, Communicable diseases, Non-communicable diseases, Allergy and immunology, Cancer and stem cells, Cell and molecular biology, Child health.


Section Policies


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Peer Review Process

All manuscripts submitted to JAKIYAH: Jurnal Ilmiah Umum & Kesehatan ‘Aisyiyah will be selected and double-blind peer-reviewed. Papers that do not meet the criteria for inclusion or are otherwise inappropriate will be rejected without external review. Manuscripts judged to be appropriate for inclusion in the JAKIYAH: Jurnal Ilmiah Umum & Kesehatan ‘Aisyiyah are sent for formal review. Based on the reviewers comments, the editors will then accept or reject the papers with the following conditions: (1) Accept and publish, with or without editorial revisions, (2) Invite the authors to revise their manuscript and address specific concerns, (3) Reject the article outright, typically on grounds of lack of originality, insufficient conceptual advancements or major technical and/or interpretational problems. Any changes made to the original manuscript will be clearly stated for the authors to review. The authors should carefully examine sentence structure, the completeness and accuracy of the text, references, tables, and graphic contents of the revised manuscript. The Editor-in-Chief will have the final decision regarding acceptance or rejection of manuscripts. The Editorial Board reserves the right to edit articles on all aspects of style, format, and clarity. Manuscripts with excessive errors in any aspect, i.e. spelling or punctuation, will be returned to authors for revision before resubmission or may be rejected entirely.


Publication Frequency

The Journal will be published every June and December every year


Author Fee

Online submission and online publication in JAKIYAH will be charged at no cost.


Publication Ethic

Our ethic statements are based on COPE’s Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors.

In the experiments that involve human subjects, the authors must identify the committee that approved the experiments and include in their submission a statement confirming that informed consent was obtained from all subjects.